About oneKeyboard
What if, you can use Whatsapp like a desktop app?

When you sit in front of a computer and place your mobile next to it.
Wouldn't it be nice, if you can use your computer keyboard to chat using Whatsapp, to send a longer article, or even a url?

oneKeyboard is an IME for your Android devices.
It receives messages from your computer through the internet, allows you to type in any language, and much quicker than a virtual keyboard!
About the site
The site had been tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE8 and IE9.
The known issue is that the IEs seem to have issues with the opacity rendering

For the best result, please use Chrome or Firefox.
How to use oneKeyboard
Download and install the IME from Google Play
Sign into Google account
Start typing
Press "SEND" button. The message will also be stored into the history blocks.
* Hover to see the full message
Open the IME and select the same Google account as above
Now you can start retrieving messages from your PC
About browser extension / add-on
Two browsers are supported at this time, Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox add-on can be downloaded at Mozilla's ADD-ONS page
(And don't forget to try out the shourcut key combination!)

Chrome extension is now available at Chrome web store

--- Important ---
To signin, please sigin from the in a tab.
the Google authentication mechanism might not be able to re-direct properly using the add-on.
the work around will be available ASAP.

Fierfox users only: for users whose already stucked in a blank page, please sign in, then disable, re-enable the add-on :)
oneKeyboard's (ver.Android) buttons

To toggle between auto update and manual update

Advertisement (Pending approval)

Delete a character

Clear the textfield

Enter donation page

Close the keyboard

Enter key

oneKeyboard's (ver.Android) FAQ
□ How does this work?
The Android version is just a receiver. (web app) is what sends the data
□ Will there be a stand alone PC version?
Might have, if people want it.

Could be something like, using the shortcut-key to open an input-area for typing, and then close the input-area after you hit enter to fire the message?
□ Will I be able to send data from phone to PC?
Possible, if there's a demand.
□ Why not just mimic every key press?
well, that will drain my free quota really fast, so, it's not posible.
However! I've just got a good work around while typing the FAQ, so, yes, it is possible.
If people want it to happen, I'll make it happen. In fact, it allows users to share their PC keyboard and mouse for Android devices.

imaging, game using "seperate screen", and still be able to text-chat or voice-chat using your choice of service or software? superb!
□ The "+n" on the countdown
To prevent exhausting the free service quota. While in the auto fetching mode, every 10 empty results will increase the fetching interval temporarily.
It will be back to normal when you touch the oneKeyboard user interface, or once a message's fetched.
□ Questions, Feedback, suggestion, request
Please leave it on the Google Play Store, I'll be reading it time to time.
□ "::enter" command in Whatsapp, Google+ Messenger, Skype, Facebook Messages, etc
By typing
Party at 9?
You know me bro!!!
You can send the message right away without touching your phone.
With oneKeyboard, you can treat Whatsapp like a desktop app.
□ While using Gmail App
During Compose or Reply, the ::enter commend is smart enough to figure out the "TO", "TITLE", "BODY" field. It can save you time from clicking on your devices.
□ Why can't I keep typing on the Facebook Comment page?
I'm afraid that's beyond my power. The Comment page closes the keyboard automatically, there's nothing I can do about it. For chatting, please use Facebook Messages.
□ ::enter for general cases
It's the same as pressing the Enter key. It could be usefull for apps like Browser
□ How to speed up my posting experience
When you done typing, by using Ctrl+Enter, you can send the message right away without moving your mouse to click on the "SEND".
□ Battery consuming
The auto-fetching service will be switched off when the keyboard's hidden, or when the screen's turned off. There's no background service also. It shouldn't drain your battery much.
Also, When you switch to the other IME, oneKeyboard will release itself from the memory.
2 game demos
This oneKeyboard IME is actually a byproduct.
The idea came to me 2 weeks ago while I was coding my web site / backend system for other games. Thinking this might be a good starter up, I coded it, uploaded it onto Google Play.
Hope this information-interchange-IME could be useful for someone.
Also, hopefully I can earn some fund for my future projects. To be able to buy a game engine, some test devices, even to pay artists, musicians or story writers

Below's where the long story begins (and please bear with my poor English :p)
The 1st demo took me about 5 months, and the 2nd one took me about 162 hours.
If you are not into the details, feel free to skip the text to the videos!
□ Demo 1: GLIESE581

Well, during my study.
I spent a month messing around with DirectX and then another 4 months coding using Havok and Ogre.

I'll have a quick briefing of what I did.
To generate Havok Ragdoll and Ogre Mesh, and to make'em work together was quite a challenge. It required quite some times to experiment.

And there's the Animation Blending, so you won't see the sudden jerks in movement between animations.

The State Machine is such an wonderful state controlling mechanism! in fact, my demo 2 uses it too.

Recovery from the ragdoll-free-falling-state was also quite a challenge. It is very easy to get your legs or arms to tag with each other.

And because this is a TPS game, an Inverse Kinematics (IK) implementation is a must. The torso, the head and the rised-arm(s) will have to face towards their targets. In fact, every body parts has the IK control implemented.

And finally, in order to succeed a melee attack, I came up with a work around to switch the upper body parts in between the Dynamic Keyframe and the Static Keyframe State.

In the graphic side, the booster fire particles was what bothers me the most...
Flames look like a blob when you move in such a high speed. though I've managed to hacked it, but I hated them...

Enjoy the Vid!

And this one is the gameplay video

An Windows executable is actually in my blog.
Although... I do have a bug fixed, newer version sitting in my hard drive. I think I'm not ready to have it uploaded yet.

Here I'll be doing a short briefing as well.
I've fixed the camera bumping (if you zoom in too close you will see what I mean), fixed a tiny IK problem that probably no one ever notice.
The newer version features a Megaman-style charge attack, the bullet will become an energy blast when contact, damages enemies within range.
About the Character Proxy... haven't got the time to fix! Although it's not a big deal, but I'd like to have my character to always stick to the ground during WALKING/RUNING state.
The newer version will be uploaded once the Character Proxy is fixed :)

The 2nd demo is my graduation team-project.
Most of the programming was done in class.
I've done all the graphics, did the main programming, and had came up with most of the ideas...

Although it was a team project. The version in this video is actually not the team version anymore.
The AI, the collision detection, and the stages were re-created, all done at home after graduation.
And there's the cheat codes and other new features (post effect, etc). The API was also bug fixed.
Judging by the class hour, I'd say this demo roughly took me about 162 hours.

video of 2 minutes. It's a game that uses Black & White gimmicks

Here's some advance tricks and obstacles

The gameplay, world 8-1. (Not as easy as it seems :p)
About the future projects
As for now, I don't plan to do any pay-apps or pay-games. All my services and games will be free.

Don't like in-app purchase myself, especially the imbalance gameplay that forces user to buy stuff, or deliberately lock the complete content and ask user to pay to unlock.
I don't like to play games like that, so, I don't want to make games like that.
The only in-app purchase I can accept, will be the stuff that's outside of the complete experience.

I too is a hardcore gamer, and I'd love to see some hardcore games on my devices. The ultimate goal is to release enjoyable games for the fellow hardcore gamers!

A donation button will be there in most apps, feel free to leave me some tips if you like the product :p
I'll also find a way to pay back those who have supported me, either digital or physical form. Will figure out that later.
□ pj1: The website, the backend
This will be something simmilar to the xBox Live.
It enables you to chat, and to compare achievements.
The achievement points can be convert to some sort of game-money for your to purchase special items or equipments as a reward.

The in-game chat will be implemented into every game I build, and there might be a stand-alone-app for the site.
Although you can chat in-game using your on-screen keyboard, it is still recommended to do it on the website using your computer keoboard.
Just treat the in-game chat as a notification.
This is the port of the Windows version. It's my 2nd demo if you remember the name. You can take this as my stepping stone for the later projects~

The images will be redone, and more types of obstacles will be included.
And of course, there's a chat service for you to communicate.
It will have a stage-builder. And the creations can be shared not only between friends, but a ranking system that allows you to submit your creation for everyone to vote.
Hopefully a versus mode :)

About the control. There will be an on-screen analog stick with no other buttons~
Stay tuned!
□ pj3: PULLBACK CARS (name not decided)
Childhood memories~
I can't say too much about the details, but, this will be a 3D (another warm up for the next project) puzzel game.

Featuring various types of pushback car and physics implementation.
Same as MONOCHROMATIC, there will be a chat, a stage creation and a stage sharing functionality.
Hopefully, an AR mode?
□ pj4: A TPS (name not decided)
This one's serious. It's a fast paced Third Personal Shooter for hardcore gamers.

There will be a campaign mode, a co-op mode and an arena type PVP mode.

ELEMENTS can be captured to upgrade your character and your pet.

There's map editor, and the map will affect your ELEMENT hunting, and there will be some kind of interaction with friend's map which I cannot tell.

There'll be an on-screen analog stick, but no shotting button or grenade button.
You can shoot, pan the camera and throw grenades easily without having to keep checking where the buttons are.
□ pj5: An A-RPG (name not decided)
An Action RPG that fully utilize the touch screen.
The battle will be pretty intense, and there will be plenty of skills and magics strokes for you to cast.
□ pjx: Other cool apps for Android system
Cannot tell much, but it will be pretty unique, and they are something that I was longing for for all these years.
□ Additional
Hi, un, I'm not a writer but I do have some setups, timelines and many idea fragments, I got ideas from dreams, shower or when I'm reading news XD

For example A rock looking guy with many accessories, who can mimick the material and shape of whatever he touches into weapon or armor.
A sidekick who's ability is to transform his cat into humanform. (with a secret that no one should have known).

A timeline like this could become a series, I suppose.

  1. The population increased rapidly and the space migration seems to be the only option. The Space Migration Fleets were dispatched to find humans a second home
  2. The voyage stopped at the planet Gliese581. The fleet had been annihilated by the alien race
  3. The battlefield had been pushed to our solar system by the devastating force of the Gliesian
  4. By studying Gliesian's technology, an EXPERIMENTAL TROOP were sent to Mars. The troop were annihilated but the result was a success
  5. The formal batle unit is in a state of mass production but the battlefield is now at mere 765360 kilometers away from the planet earth

Plus many others :p
And hopefully I will meet people in the future who are willing to join me~